Name Last update N° of references
Wageningen University and Researchcenter Publications 29/01/2023 267732
Fraunhofer-ePrints 28/01/2023 248892
ORBi 29/01/2023 240270
Max Planck Society eDoc Server 25/01/2023 213172
Lirias 01/02/2023 202105
African Journals Online 26/01/2023 200234
Manchester eScholar 30/01/2023 197258
HAL-INSU 29/01/2023 181484
Infoscience @ EPFL 30/01/2023 177707
[email protected]ŠB-TUO 27/01/2023 176061


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Our database indexes multiple sources representing over 70M articles and 12M patents, covering all scientific disciplines and all countries. Our platform has an average of a million visitors per month.

A repository indexed in MyScienceWork increases it's reach by an average of 60%. The table above lists some of the major national, institutional, thematic, publisher repositories that are currently indexed.


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