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Zeros de séries de Dirichlet e de funções na classe de Laguerre-Pólya

  • Oliveira, Willian Diego
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May 11, 2017
Repositório Institucional UNESP
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We study topics related to zeros of Dirichlet series and entire functions. A large part of the thesis is devoted to the location of zeros of Dirichlet series via density criteria. We establish the Nyman-Beruling criterion for a wide class of Dirichlet series and the Báez-Duarte criterion for Dirichlet L-functions in the semi-plane R(s)>1/p, for p ∈ (1,2], as well as for zeros of Dirichlet polynomials in any semi-plane R(s)>r. An analog for the case of Dirichlet polynomials of a result of Burnol which is closely related to Báez-Duarte’s one is also established. A principal tool in the proof of the latter result is the solution of a natural extremal problem for Dirichlet polynomials inspired by Báez-Duarte’s result. We prove that the signs of the Maclaurin coefficients of a wide class of entire functions that belong to the Laguerre-Pólya class posses a regular behavior.

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