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To work with democracy as a task : An interview study about how the democratic mission describes as actualized by some preschool teachers.

  • Larsson, Annika
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Jan 01, 2018
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The aim of this research was to study the effect of the democratic mission for preschool teachers in their daily work. Previous results indicates that there are three main factors affecting the democratic mission in preschool. First of all, the teacher, and secondly the conditions of the organization - the school. Last, but not least, the ability for preschool teachers to analyze and reflect towards their own considerations. I have gathered data through semi-structured interviews. All of the information providers are working as preschool teachers of today. The main goal of this study was to acquire new knowledge about how educators of today consider themselves applying democracy in preschool and how they consider the ability of preschool children applying real influence. I applied three main factors I found in previous research, to analyze the data. It seems that the democracy mission mainly affects the preschool teachers in their daily thoughts and actions without really being crystalized which means it affects their daily work with children and how they react and respond to children’s actions.

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