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Wideband tunable, high-power, graphene mode-locked ultrafast lasers

  • Sun, Z.
  • Lin, X.C.
  • Popa, D.
  • Yu, H.J.
  • Hasan, T.
  • Torrisi, F.
  • Kelleher, E.J.R.
  • Zhang, L.
  • Sun, L.
  • Guo, L.
  • Hou, W.
  • Li, J.M.
  • Taylor, J.R.
  • Ferrari, A.C.
  • Sun, Z.([email protected])
Publication Date
Jan 01, 2011
Knowledge Repository of SEMI,CAS
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Ultrafast passively mode-locked lasers with spectral tuning capability and high output power have widespread applications in biomedical research, spectroscopy and telecommunications[1,2]. Currently, the dominant technology is based on semiconductor saturable absorber mirrors(SESAMs)[2,3]. However, these typically have a narrow tuning range, and require complex fabrication and packaging[2,3]. A simple, cost-effective alternative is to use Single Wall Carbon Nanotubes(SWNTs)[4,10] and Graphene[10,14]. Wide-band operation is possible using SWNTs with a wide diameter distribution[5,10]. However, SWNTs not in resonance are not used and may contribute to unwanted insertion losses[10]. The linear dispersion of the Dirac electrons in graphene offers an ideal solution for wideband ultrafast pulse generation[10,15].?2011 IEEE.

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