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Wich positive factors determine attractiveness to General Practice and retention in Clinical Practice ? "

  • Le Floch, Bernard
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Jul 05, 2018
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Introduction: OECD countries, including France, face a shortage of general practitioners. Many research studies the negative sides of the specialty to explain it. The research project of the EGPRN was to highlight the factors of satisfaction of the general practitioner, in the participating countries. The research hypothesis of this project is that there must be well being and motivated GPs and that these positive factors could be used to promote attractiveness to General Medicine and maintenance in clinical practice.Method: The first step of this thesis was the realization of a systematic review of the literature to list the various factors of satisfaction of general practitioners already studied. For the second stage, qualitative studies by semi-structured interviews or focus groups were then conducted with general practitioners in the eight participating countries. The third step consisted of a consensus search by the Delphi method then hierarchization by nominal group.Results: Qualitative surveys by semi-structured interviews or focus groups conducted in the participating countries were used to interview 183 general practitioners interviewed in the eight countries.Codes from verbatim were created a "codebook" comprising 31 items that were classified into 6 themes: the general practitioner as a person, the skills specific to the profession of general practitioner, the positive organization of the profession of doctor generalist, the doctor-patient relationship, the teaching of general medicine and the factors that support the general practitioner.Conclusion: The results of the consensus study showed that to recruit in general practice it is necessary to develop care coordination, patient-centered approach, teaching and internship control and to pay attention to factors organization.

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