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Why do companies produce vegan and vegetarian products imitated with real meat products? : Exploring a virgin topic on the Swedish market

  • Bäckström, Nils
  • Egeman, Hanna
  • Mattsson, Hanna
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Jan 01, 2018
DiVA - Academic Archive On-line
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With the support of four vegetarian and vegan companies established on the Swedish market, Astrid och Aporna, Ekko Gourmet, Tzay and Quorn, the objective of this study is to understand why companies produce vegan and vegetarian products imitated with real meat products as well as how these companies market these products. The data was collected through interviews with suitable representatives from respective company. The empirical data collected from the interviews have further been analysed together with theories from past researches. The research approaches of this study has been a mixture of inductive and deductive when handling our data. The results from this thesis enlightens that there are contrasting strategies behind the products’ visual appearance, chosen target group and marketing among the different vegetarian and vegan companies on the Swedish market. We have discovered patterns between the companies’ target audiences and how these companies have designed their products depending of target audience Due to time limitations and companies’ unwillingness to participate in interviews, a broader perspective on the topic could not be given. Also, this study only looks at vegan and vegetarian companies operating in Sweden. A suggestion for future research is to investigate the consumer’s perspective and perceptions of vegan and vegetarian products by conducting a quantitative research to distinguish if the companies’ strategies are consistent with the perceptions of consumers on the Swedish market.

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