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Wheat area estimation using digital Landsat MSS data and aerial photographs

  • Moreira, Mauricio Alves
  • Chen, Sherry Chou
  • Batista, Getulio Teixeira
Publication Date
Jan 01, 1986
Biblioteca Digital da Memória Científica do INPE
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A procedure to estimate wheat (Triticum aestivum l)area using sampling technique based on aerial photographs and digital LANDSAT MSS data was developed. Aerial photographs covering 720km2 were visually analyzed. Computer classification of LANDSAT MSS data acquired on Sept. 4, 1979 was done using unsupervised and supervised algorithms and classification results were spatially filtered using a post-processing technique. To estimate wheat area, a regression approach was applied using different sample sizes and various sampling units. Based on four decision criteria proposed in this study, it was concluded that: (a)as the size of sampling unit decreased, the percentage of sample area required to obtain similar estimation performance also decreased; (b)the lowest percentage of the area sampled for wheat estimation under established precision and accuracy criteria through regression estimation was 13.09 using 10km2 as the sampling unit; and (c)wheat area estimation obtained by regression estimation was more precise and accurate than those obtained by direct expansion method. / Pages: 1109-1120

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