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What does the string / gauge correspondence teach us about Wilson loops?

  • Sonnenschein, J.
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Jul 01, 1999
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In these lectures we describe the attempt to extract the expectation values of Wilson loops from the string/gauge correspondence. We start with the original calculation in $AdS_5$. It is then extended to the non-conformal background of $D_p$ in the near horizon limit. We discuss the computation at finite temperature. Supergravity models that admit confinement in 3d and 4d are described. A theorem that determines the classical values of loops associated with a generalized background is derived.In particular we determine sufficient conditions for confining behavior. We then apply the theorem to various string models including type 0 ones. We describe an attempt to go beyond the classical string picture by incorporating quadratic quantum fluctuations. In particular we address the BPS configuration of a single quark, the supersymmetric determinant of $AdS_5\times S^$ and a setup that corresponds to a confining gauge theory. We determine the form of the Wilson loop for actions that include non trivial $B_{\mu\nu}$ field. The issue of an exact determination of the value of the stringy Wilson loop is discussed. We end with a brief review of the baryons from the string/gauge correspondence Lectures presented in the ``Advanced School on Supersymmetry in the theories of fields, strings and branes'' Santiago de Compostela-99.

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