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What do they mean by digital competence? : A study of teachers’ preceptions about digital competence and the digitalization of schools

  • Mathilda, Wirback
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Jan 01, 2018
DiVA - Academic Archive On-line
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This essay is based on the increased digitalization of the Swedish school system, the revised curriculum and the government’s digitalization strategy for the school system. This essay aims to explore teachers’ perspectives on the concept of digital competence and how they perceive their own digital competence. The essay also aims to investigate if teachers feel equipped to meet the changes posed by the digitalization of the school system. The aim was addressed through qualitative interviews and a survey. The results show that the concept of digital competence is a multi-faceted term that is difficult to describe. Many teachers express that they lack a distinct explanation of the term. Furthermore, the results show that many teachers have a positive attitude towards the digitalization of schools, but many teachers experience a need for further education to meet the demands that digitalization entails.

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