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Webbaserade kurser : traditionell förmedlingsundervisning i ny förpackning? En undersökning av den pedagogiska diskursen i webbaserad användarundervisning / Webbased courses : traditional instruction in a new package? A study of the pedagogical discourse in webbased user education

  • Eriksson, Ann Catrine
  • Quesada, Greta
Publication Date
Jan 01, 2008
DiVA - Academic Archive On-line
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This Master’s thesis examines library courses, a relatively new form of user education. Our focus is on the pedagogical point-of-views reflected in the text in these library courses. The primary purpose of the study is to analyze the pedagogical discourse displayed in the library courses to determine if the perspective is behavioural, cognitive, constructive or socio cultural. We are investigating if the pedagogical discourse differs from course to course, and if so, how are they different? In addition we aim to find out how the pedagogical discourse in the library courses relates to university websites and governmental and legal texts, at the discursive and social practice level. As a methodological point of departure we use critical discourse, and more specifically, Norman Fairclough’s analytical model. Our conclusion is that the pedagogical discourse is behavioural, cognitive, and constructive. The socio cultural pedagogy is absent. The pedagogical discourse on the discursive and social practice level is cognitive and constructive as was the discourse in two of the library courses. The majority of the library courses had a behavioural pedagogic discourse, which was not found at the discursive or social practice level. We also found that on the discursive and social practice level the socio cultural pedagogic discourse was present. We believe that the library courses make the librarians as educators visible to the public, which could be positive for the pedagogical role of the librarian. From this point of view we find it unfortunate that the majority of the courses contains a behavioural pedagogical discourse, which according to us, mediates an obsolete pedagogical discourse. / Uppsatsnivå: D

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