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WE-D-224C-01: Water Equivalent Multichannel Dosimeter Arrays for External Beam Radiotherapy

  • Archambault, L.
  • Frelin-Labalme, A.M.
  • Gingras, L.
  • Beddar, A.
  • Beaulieu, L.
Publication Date
Jan 01, 2006
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Scintillation dosimeters consisting of a single scintillating fiber coupled to an optical fiber and read with a CCD camera have shown accurate dose measurement in high-energy external beam radiotherapy. This work presents the next step, which is to investigate the development of a multi-channel dosimeter array in conjunction with a CCD camera for photodetection. Methods and Materials: The light collection of the CCD camera (Apogee Alta U2000c) was first studied to evaluate the maximum number of detectors that can be read simultaneously. We then looked at possible sources of dose perturbation with a single-fiber detector surrounded by other optical fibers. We constructed a prototype array with 10 detectors. Finally, depth-dose and cross-plane profiles were compared with measurements taken with small ion chambers (Exradin models A14 and A16).


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