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The Waste Disposal in “Södra Hammarbyhamnen”

  • Yvell, Malin
  • El Malla, Dana
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Jan 01, 2017
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“Hammarby Sjöstad” was one of the first districts of Stockholm constructed withconsiderations taken to become more environmentally sustainable. Despite the grand visionsfor the project, some elements developed to be more successful than others. One element thatcould be improved upon, is the waste disposal system of the district. This thesis focuses on“Södra Hammarbyhamnen” which utilizes a stationary vacuum system with disposal insertionin connection to the residences. The neighborhood fulfils all the prerequisites for a successfulwaste disposal system, however, these aren’t utilized to capacity. In 2015, the averageresident in central Stockholm sorted approximately 17 kilos of food waste, whilst thecorresponding figure in “Hammarby Sjöstad” was only 13 kilos. As households make up mostof the produced food waste, this report is delimited to focus on households. Therefore, the purpose of this study is to identify obstacles that hamper the sorting of foodwaste in “Södra Hammarbyhamnen”. Furthermore, the report covers a concretization of howto inform residents with the intention of increasing waste separation. In combination with ananalysis on human habits, an empirical study was carried out, consisting of surveys andinterviews. Finally, a mapping of the aforementioned obstacles that obstruct waste separationhave been pinpointed in the gathered results. The results indicate that residents perceive a lackof continuity in the flow of information, described by theory as fundamental to create newhabits. Furthermore, it became clear that the accessibility of waste disposal bags can beimproved. Regardless of location, residents felt that the distance to the nearest waste bagdispensary was too long. This study concludes that improvement efforts should conform tothe apophthegm “It should be easy to do it right” to facilitate waste separation of food waste.

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