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Warped modes in flux compactification of type II b supergravity on the conifold

  • Chemtob, Marc
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Oct 30, 2019
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We examine the Kaluza-Klein theory for warped flux compactifications of type $II\ b $ string theory on a Minkowski spacetime $ M_4$ times a conic Calabi-Yau orientifold $X_6$. The region glued along the internal space directions to the bulk of $X_6$ is modeled by the warped undeformed conifold $\calc _6$. The resulting classical vacum solution of Klebanov-Tseytlin solution, valid at large radial distances from the conic singularity, describes a spacetime asymptotic to $ AdS_5 $ times the conifold compact base $ T^{1,1}$. The metric tensor, axio-dilaton and antisymmetric fields part of the 10-d supergravity multiplet bosonic sector decompose into towers of scalar and tensor fields of fixed mass associated to harmonic modes of $T^{1,1}$ and $M_4$. The warped throat deformations by compactification effects are described by means of AdS/CFT duality. The applications are developed within the hard wall approximation for a truncated $ AdS_5 $ spacetime ending on flat boundaries. Numerical results are presented for the mass spectra and interactions of a selected set of singlet and charged modes and for the interactions of graviton modes with embedded branes. We examine the possibility that an interacting gas of warped massive modes produced after brane-antibrane inflation might reheat the universe and leave cold dark matter relics.

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