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Virus-Specific Messenger RNA on Free and Membrane-Bound Polyribosomes from Cells Infected with Rauscher Leukemia Virus

  • A. L. J. Gielkens
  • M. H. L. Salden
  • H. Bloemendal
Publication Date
Apr 01, 1974


Cells infected by Rauscher leukemia virus synthesize virus-specific RNA which can be detected by hybridization to the single-stranded DNA copy of the viral RNA. Evidence is provided that virus-specific RNA is present in free and membrane-bound polyribosomes of these cells. The relative content of virus-specific RNA, as measured by hybridization, is 6-10 times less on free polyribosomes than on membrane-bound polyribosomes. The messenger RNA associated with both classes of polyribosomes was characterized by density gradient centrifugation. In addition to a major RNA species identified as 36S RNA, at least 2 minor components in the 14S and 21S region have also been found. There is a striking difference in the distribution of these RNA species between free and membrane-bound polyribosomes.

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