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The virtual experience: A qualitative study among young adults on their perception of Facebook Metaverse / Den virtuella upplevelsen: En kvalitativ studie bland unga vuxna om deras uppfattning av Facebook Metaverse

  • Israel, Wasaja
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Jan 01, 2022
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This thesis investigates reactions of young people in Malmö-Sweden about the proposed Facebook Metaverse. Gauging young people’s association/reactions about Facebook Metaverse before its practical existence is the study's main focus. The thesis assesses Web 2.0 as a pivotal mark that enabled development of social networks and virtual worlds like Facebook Metaverse. Through qualitative interviews and semiotic analysis in data collection, three main themes became noted as both theoretical perspectives and findings of the study that entails the young people's opinions on the soon to be launched Facebook Metaverse. The 3 themes are; Connectivity & interactivity, Anonymity and identity, and Datafication, privacy & commercialisation. The results highlight pros and cons with the Facebook metaverse that encompasses risks of intrusive data collection, possibilities for self-empowerment through avatars and new ways of communicating. The thesis concludes with a created artifact/altered video that presents a critical aspect of Mark Zuckerberg’s version of the Facebook Metaverse informed by the research.  / Young adults’ perception of Facebook Metaverse in less than 11 minutes

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