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Views and experiences of young women about chlamydia in Scotland: Knowledge, condom use and access to health services.

  • Chouliara, Zoë
  • Karatzias, Thanos
  • Dey, Laura
  • Goulbourne, Alison
Publication Date
Nov 30, 2008
[email protected]
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The study aimed to elicit perceptions of and awareness about chlamydia, views and experiences of condomuse as protection against a chlamydia infection and of access to sexual health services. This qualitativestudy utilised semi-structured individual interviews. The sample consisted of 12 young females, agedbetween 18 and 25 years old. Transcripts were analysed using IPA (Interpretative PhenomenologicalAnalysis) to identify recurrent themes and their interlinks. Six themes were identified: Facts versus riskmisjudgement; social stigma and taboos; assertiveness versus fear of conflict; respect versus patronising;accessibility and discreteness; and targeting young people. An awareness of the shame, embarrassment andsocial stigma associated with sexual health and specifically chlamydia testing and diagnosis were centralin participants’ accounts. Participants also emphasised the need for effective sex education, especially foryoung women. It is envisaged that findings have the potential to inform health education, policy andclinical practice regarding sexually transmitted infections and chlamydia in particular

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