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View of the interior of the outdoor cabinet of the seismological station OGGL in Saint-Germain-Nuelles (Rhône)

  • Vial, Benjamin
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Sep 10, 2020
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The photo shows the outdoor cabinet of the OGGL seismological station located in Saint-Germain-Nuelles (Rhône). This outdoor cabinet contains the equipment necessary for digitising seismological signals (Centaur-Nanometrics) and transmitting them via 3G connection (Modem NB1600-NetModule). The bay also integrates the "controlled" power supply system as well as a system of PLCs to monitor the site's operation. The site is also equipped with a Trilium 120-PH. This seismological station, installed by ISTerre (Institute of Earth Sciences), is integrated into the Permanent Broadband Network (RLBP) of the national research infrastructure Résif, dedicated to the observation and understanding of the internal Earth structure and dynamics. Résif is based on high technology observation networks, composed of seismological, geodetic and gravimetric instruments deployed densely throughout France. The data collected enable the study, with high spatio-temporal resolution, of ground deformation, surface and deep structures, local and global seismicity and natural hazards, particularly seismic, on French territory. Résif is integrated into the European (EPOS - European Plate Observing System) and worldwide systems of instruments that allow us to image the interior of the Earth as a whole and to study numerous natural phenomena.

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