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View of the cavity of the quarry housing the seismological station OGRV at La Roche-Vineuse (Saône-et-Loire)

  • Langlais, Mickael
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Jan 09, 2020
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On this picture, taken inside the cavity of the La Roche-Vineuse quarry (Saône-et-Loire) which houses the seismological station OGRV, we can see in the background (the red light point) the gyrocompass we used to determine the North orientation in order to install the broadband velocimetric sensor (Trillium 120QA from Nanometrics) in the best conditions. The sensor is installed on a concrete slab poured on the rock and is covered with insulating materials to limit the effects of thermal variations on the seismic noise levels detected by the sensor. This site was instrumented in 2019 as part of the Résif-CLB project. It is operated by ISTerre and is part of the Permanent Broadband Network (RLBP) of Résif, a research infrastructure dedicated to the observation and understanding of the internal Earth structure and dynamics. It is based on observation networks of high technological level, composed of seismological, geodetic and gravimetric instruments deployed in a dense manner throughout the French territory. The data collected enable the study, with high spatio-temporal resolution, of ground deformation, surface and deep structures, local and global seismicity and natural hazards, particularly seismic, on French territory. Résif is integrated into the European (EPOS - European plate observatory system) and worldwide systems of instruments that allow us to image the interior of the Earth as a whole and to study numerous natural phenomena.

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