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The velocity increase of mass and the classical physics

  • Lokajicek, Milos V.
Publication Date
Nov 07, 2007
Submission Date
Nov 01, 2007
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In the past century it was believed that both the main theories (quantum mechanics and special relativity) predicted the existence of physical processes that could not be explained in the framework of classical physics. However, it has been shown recently that the solutions of Schroedinger equation have described the physical situation practically in full agreement with classical equations. The given equation represents the combination of classical equations with the statistical distribution of corresponding parameters and the properties of microscopic objects may be interpreted on the ontological basis as it corresponds to our sensual knowledge. It will be shown now that also the main experimentally relevant relativistic phenomenon (i.e., the mass increase with velocity) may be interpreted in the framework of classical physics. A different prediction for this increase will be then derived, which gives the possibility to decide on experimental basis which alternative is more preferable (relativistic or classical).

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