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Validating a simplified model for flood hazard downstream levees

  • Paquier, A.
  • Beraud, C.
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Sep 08, 2010
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For assessing the risk caused by the flooding due to a breach across a levee along a river, one should simulate both the process of breaching and the process of propagation in the flood plain. If the breach location is unknown, a lot of locations should be investigated to estimate the peak water depth, the time of arrival of the wave and the peak velocity in any point. To reach this last aim, a simplified method was defined; it includes a simplified erosion model of the levee and a simplified propagation model. To evaluate the latter model, results were compared to results of a 2-D reference model, which permits to assess the error or uncertainty in case a simplified model is applied for typical situations. Although the development of the simplified model is based on non-dimensional variables, high discrepancy appeared when the comparison concerns an experiment performed in laboratory with much lower water depths. Thus, use of the simplified model should be limited to a specific range of field cases

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