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Vad skiljer informatören ifrån kommunikatören? : - En studie av den rådande begreppsförvirringen inom information och kommunikation

  • Elford, Caroline
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Jan 01, 2005
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Abstract Propose/Aim: The aim of this paper is to examine why the view of the conceptions, within the field of professional information and communication, seem to differ within the labour market of Sweden. This paper will investigate the two main professional roles that are at the centre of the field’s confusion and disorder. These are the Information Specialist and the Communication Specialist. The main question here is to answer whether there is a significant difference between the two or not and also gain knowledge about why the two titles are not used consequently within the labour market. Material/Method: The method used for this study is of a qualitative character. A qualitative study is the most preferable method as the aim of the study is to obtain an insight into the field’s own views in the matter. Also, a more statistical research method would not have given this paper the same depth and nuance. The qualitative data has been gathered through the execution of personal interviews with professionals and experts within the field. These findings have then been related to a theoretical framework; including theoretical conceptions, and also theories concerning the profession, use of language and social change. Main results: The main results from this study are that there is no homogeneous explanation to what the difference is between an Information Specialist and a Communication Specialist. However, one can come to the conclusion that there are two main standpoints concerning this issue; which definition is preferable and if one sees the two roles of the profession as one and the same or not. The confusion and disorder within the field information and communication shows the effects of when new discourses and views obtain ground in a field. The contemporary roles and views within the field are to a large degree influenced by changes in society. Keywords: Information, Communication, Information Specialist, Communication Specialist, Roles of Profession, Development, Use of Language, Social Change.

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