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Våldet och förtrycket : En studie om skolkuratorers arbete mot hedersrelaterat våld och förtryck. / Violence and oppression : A study of school counselors' work against honor-related violence and oppression.

  • Jarl, Anna
  • Lindström, Moa
Publication Date
Jan 01, 2022
DiVA - Academic Archive On-line
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The lack of knowledge and an inexplicit definition of honor related violence complicates school counselors' work against the phenomen. Current discourse tends to focus on young girls' exposure to oppression and violence. This may cause a position for victimized young boys where they won't be noticed. This study therefore aims to examine school counselors' approach to honor related violence as a phenomen and what experience they have of working with victimized boys and girls. The study is based on a qualitative method where six school counselors have been interviewed. The main questions to be answered were how school counselors describe honor related violence as a phenomen, which experience they have of working against it and what they see as their responsibility in the work against the phenomen. To answer these questions the interviews were analysed through a theme analysis and the theory of discretion. The result of the study was that all school counselors have their point of the meaning of the phenomen. Despite this it was a difference between if they included different countries and religions in the description and if they include hbtq-persons as victims for the violence and oppression. All of the interviewed school counselors had experience of meeting victimized children. The main responsibility that was expressed was to create trustful relationships with the children, be there for them as a support during the process and decide when the situation requires to involve social services. Words like complicated, complexity and foreign were repidently involved in the school counselors statements. Which shows the importance of more knowledge and comprehension of the phenomen. 

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