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Utanförskapet i Svinalängorna : En studie av den didaktiska potentialen i Susanna Alakoskis roman Svinalängorna

  • Jakobsson, Johanna
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Jan 01, 2023
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The aim of this study is to examine the didactic potential of Susanna Alakoski’s portray of exclusion in the novel Svinalängorna, in relation to the fundamental values stated in the Swedish school curriculum. Reflections about didactic deliberations related to the novel are also included in the study. The analysis was conducted using a close reading method with elements of thematic analysis. Alkestrand’s definition of didactic potential, Stigendal’s concept of exclusion and the intersectionality theory were used in the analysis. The result of this study showed that exclusion is portrayed through three different dimensions in the novel. These dimensions are economical, linguistic and social exclusion. Svinalängorna was found to offer multiple didactic opportunities. Alakoski’s portray of exclusion stimulates reflections that contribute to the student’s critical thinking capacity as well as to their understanding of themselves and others, which is essential in the school’s work with fundamental values. However, the teacher must use deliberate teaching strategies when including Svinalängorna in educational contexts, in order to pre-empt the risks associated with problematic literature in education.    

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