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Using strong nonlinearity and high-frequency vibrations to control effective mechanical stiffness

  • Thomsen, Jon Juel
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Jan 01, 2008
Online Research Database In Technology
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High-frequency excitation (HFE) can be used to change the effective stiffness of an elastic structure, and related quanti-ties such as resonance frequencies, wave speed, buckling loads, and equilibrium states. There are basically two ways to do this: By using parametrical HFE (with or without non-linearity), or by using external HFE along with strong nonlinearity. The first way has been examined for many dif-ferent systems, and analytical predictions exist that has been repeatedly confirmed against numerical simulation and labo-ratory experiments. The current work contributes knowledge on the other way: Combining the method of direct separation of motions with results of a modified multiple scales ap-proach, valid also for strong nonlinearity, the stiffening ef-fect is predicted for a generic 1-dof system, and results are tested against numerical simulation and ((it is planned)) laboratory experiments.

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