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Using different carrier gases to control AlN film stress and the effect on morphology, structural properties and optical properties

  • Hu, WG
  • Liu, XL
  • Jiao, CM
  • Wei, HY
  • Kang, TT
  • Zhang, PF
  • Zhang, RQ
  • Fan, HB
  • Zhu, QS
Publication Date
Jan 01, 2007
Knowledge Repository of SEMI,CAS
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On the metalorganic chemical vapour deposition growth of AlN, by adjusting H-2+N-2 mixture gas components, we can gradually control island dimension. During the Volmer - Weber growth, the 2-dimensional coalescence of the islands induces an intrinsic tensile stress. Then, this process can control the in-plane stress: with the N-2 content increasing from 0 to 3 slm, the in-plane stress gradually changes from 1.5 GPa tensile stress to - 1.2GPa compressive stress. Especially, with the 0.5 slm N-2 + 2.5 slm H-2 mixture gas, the in-plane stress is only 0.1 GPa, which is close to the complete relaxation state. Under this condition, this sample has good crystal and optical qualities.

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