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Use of ICT in Teaching English : challenges and Perspectives for the University Joseph KI-ZERBO in an International Collaborative Context

  • Zigani, Housougna Rabiyatou
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Sep 29, 2023
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This thesis proposes an innovative approach to improving English language proficiency among students in the University Joseph KI-Zerbo (UJKZ) English department in Burkina Faso, focusing on teaching listening comprehension (LC). Based on a data collection methodology over two years at the UJKZ, we aim to explore the potential benefits of introducing new ICT to enhance students' LC skills. The experiments conducted in this thesis are based on a recent observation: educational technologies have become necessary in language teaching, particularly since the COVID-19 crisis. While many European universities have set up distance learning systems to ensure continuity of learning, the University JKZ has faced challenges during this transition, like many universities in Africa, Asia, and South America. Several innovative systems have been put in place in this research. Firstly, the study exploits the possibilities offered by an international collaborative project called the VEC, which provides a collaborative distance learning environment using OER. By participating in this project, students developed their language skills by working in teams with students from other countries to tackle environmental challenges and exchange best practices and ideas. Secondly, using ICT tools enabled students to actively participate in listening exercises based on audio recordings and gap-filling texts. The study draws on theoretical concepts such as collaborative learning, peer tutoring, challenge-based learning, and distance learning. The data is analysed using descriptive and Multivariate statistical approaches. This study enables us to highlight how ICTE can be integrated and the dynamics of work to improve LC, which leads to significant progress in language learning, particularly concerning LC. The results of the study demonstrate the effectiveness of LC teaching and its positive impact on the language skills of UJKZ students. In addition, it highlights the pedagogical integration of ICT in higher education, showing the potential of collaborative learning experiences and virtual platforms to foster effective learning and develop essential skills.

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