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Understanding the Swedish Government’s Recognition of the Best Interest of Children in Custody Cases : Focusing on Children in Out-of-home Care

  • Jeremiah Kiisa, Kusinza
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Jan 01, 2024
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Many scholars seem to be very general in their research regarding child custody. Moreover, those that are not so general, seem to be focusing on areas that do not cover much about the views and feelings of children who are in out of their parents’ home care. This paper has aimed at investigating how Sweden has implemented suggestive improvements from the 2021 investigations, regarding children being placed out of their parents’ home care, to ensure the best interest of the child. Using Bacchi’s WPR policy analysis method, this paper has been able to analyze the 2023 report that was presented to the Swedish government regarding children being placed in out of their parents’ home care. The analysis of this paper has concluded that the Swedish government has recognized the issues that were presented in the 2023 report, and as a result, new laws have been implemented to ensure that children’s needs are met.

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