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ULOOF: a User Level Online Offloading Framework for Mobile Edge Computing

  • Neto, José L. D.
  • Yu, Se-Young
  • Macedo, Daniel
  • Nogueira, José M. S.
  • Langar, Rami
  • Secci, Stefano
Publication Date
Mar 14, 2018
Kaleidoscope Open Archive
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Mobile devices are equipped with limited processing power and battery charge. A mobile computation offloading framework is a software that provides better user experience in terms of computation time and energy consumption, also taking profit from edge computing facilities. This article presents User-Level Online Offloading Framework (ULOOF), a lightweight and efficient framework for mobile computation offloading. ULOOF is equipped with a decision engine that minimizes remote execution overhead, while not requiring any modification in the device's operating system. By means of real experiments with Android systems and simulations using large-scale data from a major cellular network provider, we show that ULOOF can offload up to 73% of computations, and improve the execution time by 50% while at the same time significantly reducing the energy consumption of mobile devices.

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