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Two Dimensional modelling of electrothermal ice protection systems

  • Bennani, L.
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Nov 18, 2014
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Icing has since long been identified as a serious issue in the aeronautical world. Ice build up, due to the presence of supercooled water droplets in clouds, leads to degradation of aerodynamic and/or air intake performances, among other undesirable consequences. Hence aircraft manufacturers must comply with certifications and regulations regarding flight safety in icing conditions. In order to do so, ice protection systems are used. Due to the multi-physical context within which these systems operate, numerical simulation can be a valuable asset. The present work deals with the numerical modelling of electro-thermal ice protection systems.It is built around the development of three modules. Two of them are dedicated to modelling heat transfer in the system and in the ice block. The other one models the mechanical behaviour of ice and fracture.Hence, the mechanical properties of atmospheric ice are reviewed in order to identify some mechanical parameters relevant to the fracture model. The fracture mechanics numerical method is used to investigate possible ice shedding mechanisms, that is to say the mechanisms leading to the detachement of ice, which are not yet well understood.The final goal of this work is to propose a completely coupled 2nd generation simulation methodology for electro-thermal ice protection systems. Hence the feasibility of a coupled thermal computation with ice shedding prediction based on the developed modules is shown.

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