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Twisted Nematic Liquid-Crystal-Based Terahertz Phase Shifter using Pristine PEDOT: PSSTransparent Conducting Electrodes

  • sahoo, anup kumar
  • yang, chan-shan
  • yen, chun-ling
  • lin, hung-chun
  • wang, yu-jen
  • lin, yi-hsin
  • wada, osamu
  • pan, ci-ling
Publication Date
Feb 21, 2019
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For this study, we demonstrated three different types of twisted nematic (TN) liquid crystal (LC) terahertz (THz) phase shifters using pristine poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene):poly(styrenesulfonate) (PEDOT: PSS) thin films as transparent conducting electrodes (TCEs). The transmittance of spin-coated pristine PEDOT: PSS thin film was as high as 92% in the frequency range of 0.2&ndash / 1.2 THz. This is among the highest reported. Several TN-LC cells were constructed in a comparative study, which confirmed the reliability of pristine PEDOT: PSS as a TCE layer for THz phase shifter applications. The highest phase shift, required root-mean-square (RMS) driving voltage, and threshold voltage achieved by devices tested were 95.2&deg / at 1 THz, 7.2 VRMS, and 0.5 VRMS, respectively. The thickness of the LC layer for the phase shifter was 250 &micro / m, approximately half as thick as previous designs. In addition, the pristine PEDOT: PSS-based TN-LC phase shifter exhibited a figure-of-merit (FOM) value of approximately 6.65 degree&middot / dB&minus / 1&middot / V&minus / 1. This compared favorably with previously reported homogeneously aligned phase shifters with an FOM of 2.19 degree&middot / dB&minus / 1&middot / V&minus / 1. Our results indicated that a twisted nematic LC cell with pristine PEDOT: PSS thin films as electrodes is a good combination for a THz phase shifter and wave plates as well as other LC-based THz devices.

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