Treatment of myasthenia. II.

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Treatment of myasthenia. II.

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Apr 24, 1971
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Caring for Children and Supporting Adolescents with Myasthenia Gravis 800.541.5454 Myasthenia Gravis Foundation of America, Inc. M YA S T H E N I A GR AV I S FOU N DAT IONM YA S T H E N I A GR AV I S FOU N DAT ION 355 Lexington Avenue, 15th Floor New York, NY 10017-6603 (800) 541-5454 (212) 297-2156 • (212) 370-9047 fax [email protected] • F A GM This is an example of why it would be useful to contact the local EMS system and arrange for a scheduled meeting to make certain that the first responders and others are familiar with myasthenia gravis. Written materials can be obtained from the Myasthenia Gravis Foundation of America to provide needed background and a suggested outline of emergency response. This information might seem overwhelming at first. However, it is important to recognize that with good ongoing health care and monitoring, the majority of children with myasthenia gravis have very normal and active lives. The MGFA mission is to facilitate the timely diagnosis and optimal care of individuals affected by myasthenia gravis and closely related disorders and to improve their lives through programs of patient services, public information, medical research, professional education, advocacy and patient care. This publication is intended to provide the reader with general information to be used solely for educational purposes. As such, it does not address individual patient needs, and should not be used as a basis for decision making concerning diagnosis, care, or treatment of any condition. Instead, such decisions should be based upon the advice of a physician or health care professional who is directly familiar with the patient. The information contained in this publication reflects the views of the authors, but not necessarily those of the Myasthenia Gravis Foundation of America (MGFA). Any reference to a particular product, source, or u

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