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Translating Networks: Assessing Correspondence Between Network Visualisation and Analytics

  • Grandjean, Martin
  • Jacomy, Mathieu
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Jan 01, 2019
Kaleidoscope Open Archive
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Network interpretation is a widespread practice in the digital humanities, and its exercise is surprisingly flexible. While there is now a wide variety of uses in different fields, many projects highlight the difficulty of bringing graph theory and their discipline into dialogue. Fortunately, the development of accessible software has been accompanied in recent years by a critical reflection on our practices. Yet, it often focuses on technical aspects. In this paper, we propose to shift this emphasis and address the question of the researcher’s interpretative journey from visualisation to metrics resulting from the network structure. Often addressed in relation to graphical representation, the subjectivity of _translation_ is all the more important when it comes to interpreting structural metrics. This is why this communication will propose to examine the practice of visual reading and metrics-based analysis in a correspondence table that clarifies the translation while presenting possible and generic interpretation scenarios.

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