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Transitions in Al-27 excited by 180-degrees electron scattering

  • Fagg, L.W.
  • Bendel, W.L.
  • Lindgren, R.R.
  • Jones, E.C.
Publication Date
Sep 01, 1977
DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevC.16.923
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A survey of electromagnetic transitions excited in Al27 by 180° inelastic electron scattering has been made at incident energies of 37, 51, and 61 MeV. Transitions to levels at 2.23, 2.98, 4.42, 8.74, and 11.69 MeV are dominantly M1 with some possible E2 contributions, Tentative M1 assignments are given transitions at 7.57 and 8.05 MeV, but the possibility of their being E1 cannot be excluded. Transitions to levels at 10.68 and 12.30 MeV are probably M1 but with considerable E2 admixture. A transition at 6.50 MeV is also probably M1, but both E1 and E2 are possible alternative assignments. Model-dependent radiative widths Γ0(M1) for the M1 transitions are given based on an analysis of the data using simple but representative harmonic-oscillator wave functions to calculate cross sections. NUCLEAR REACTIONS Al27(e,e′), θ=180°, E=37.3, 50.9, 60.5, MeV; measured σ(E); deduced Γ0, multipolarities for transitions excited.

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