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Tråkigt eller chill? : En studie av uppfattningar och tankar kring skolbibliotek hos icke-användare på fyra högstadieskolor / Boring or chill? : A study of of non-users’ perceptions and thoughts concerning school libraries at four middle schoo

  • Fried, Sofia
  • George, Karin
Publication Date
Jan 01, 2020
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The aim of this bachelor thesis is to explore the reasons fifteen-year-old students give for not using their school library. One of the objectives of this study is to contribute to increasing the relevance of school libraries for as many students as possible by investigating what non-users think of their school library. The questions posed are: Why do some students not visit their school library? What are the non-users’ perceptions of their school library? What value do the non-users’ attach to their school library? The theoretical framework used to analyze the results is the theory on economies of worth developed by Boltanski and Thévenot (2006). The empirical material consists of transcripts from group interviews at four different schools. The results of the thesis show that students have a wide range of reasons for not visiting the school library. Some of the students didn’t particularly enjoy reading and therefore didn’t feel that the library was a place for them. Other reasons given were that their school library was closed most of the time, was uninviting, didn’t have a great selection of books or that the students forgot that it existed. In conclusion, in order for the school library to be relevant to more students, clearer communication about what the library has to offer to students and school staff alike is needed. The school library needs to be reevaluated and adapted in order to include all students.

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