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Towards sustainable ecological networks of peat bogs in central Russia; development of local environmental action program (LEAP) as a practical tool for protection and restoration of peat bogs in Egorievsk sub region

  • Butovsky, R.O.
  • Reijnen, R.
  • Bondartchuk, E.A.
  • Otchagov, D.M.
  • Melik-Bagdasarov, E.M.
Publication Date
Jan 01, 2001
Wageningen University and Researchcenter Publications
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In central and northern Meshera the habitats for many characteristic peat bog species now show a very fragmented pattern. As a result, the potential for viable populations of characteristic peat bog species has decreased considerably. Peat-mining and other human influences are the most important reasons. To maintain and increase the potential for viable populations of characteristic species, protection and restoration of especially high peat bogs are the most important strategies. To this end, a local environmental action programme (leap) has been developed for peat bogs in Egorievsk subregion. All local stakeholders, such as administration, forestry, peat-mining company and NGOs, support the LEAP. At the short term, protection of peat bogs seems tobe the most realistic strategy.

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