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Towards Inclusivity In Entrepreneurship: Utilizing Highly Skilled Refugees: A Research on Supporting Syrian Refugee Entrepreneurs in Germany and the Netherlands through Collaboration between Business Incubators and Local Governments

  • Jabri, Mohammed (author)
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Aug 31, 2023
TU Delft Repository
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Recent findings by the OECD highlight that a significant proportion of refugees in Europe possess high levels of education, often being overqualified for their roles. However, literature seldom addresses the unique challenges these highly educated refugees face when integrating into the labor market. This research examines the role of entrepreneurship in integrating highly skilled Syrian refugees into the labor markets of Germany and the Netherlands. Using a qualitative research design, including literature review, desk-based research, and semi-structured interviews, the study reveals that both countries currently lack specialized support for such refugees during their asylum and integration processes. They face numerous challenges, including legislative, administrative, financial, socio-cultural, and market-related barriers. Moreover, collaboration between local government actors and business incubators is sparse. In light of these findings, the research advocates for improved policies and specialized business incubator models tailored for these refugees, aiming to leverage their skills and education for the benefit of host countries. The insights provided by this research underscore the untapped potential of educated refugees, emphasizing the necessity for more inclusive policies and support structures. Future directions for research include exploring bespoke business incubator models in Germany and the Netherlands and broadening the study's scope to other nations and demographics. This study contributes scientifically by delving into the niche domain of highly skilled refugee entrepreneurship and societally by emphasizing the invaluable economic and innovative potential of this group. Practical implications suggest refined integration strategies and infrastructures to better harness their capabilities. / Management of Technology (MoT)

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