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Tolerance Verification of Micro and Nano Structures on Polycarbonate Substrates

  • Gasparin, Stefania
  • Tosello, Guido
  • Hansen, Hans Nørgaard
Publication Date
Jan 01, 2010
Online Research Database In Technology
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Micro and nano structures are an increasing challenge in terms of tolerance verification and process quality control: smaller dimensions led to a smaller tolerance zone to be evaluated. This paper focuses on the verification of CD, DVD and HD-DVD nanoscale features. CD tolerance features are defines in relation to the optical disc functionality. SEM image processing is used to control the sub-micrometre features and detect the replication accuracy. Nickel stampers and polycarbonate moulded optical discs are measures to verify the dimensional tolerances from a metrological point of view. The replication quality is assessed and the measurements uncertainty is calculated following the substitution method.

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