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TimeBank-Driven TimeML Analysis

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  • Timeml Analysis, Timebank Corpus, Timeml-Compliant Temporal Information Extraction, Finite-State Pro
  • Data Processing Computer Science
  • General Literature
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The design of TimeML as an expressive language for temporal information brings promises, and challenges; in particular, its representational properties raise the bar for traditional information extraction methods applied to the task of text-to-TimeML analysis. A reference corpus, such as TimeBank, is an invaluable asset in this situation; however, certain characteristics of TimeBank---size and consistency, primarily---present challenges of their own. We discuss the design, implementation, and performance of an automatic TimeML-compliant annotator, trained on TimeBank, and deploying a hybrid analytical strategy of mixing aggressive finite-state processing over linguistic annotations with a state-of-the-art machine learning technique capable of leveraging large amounts of unannotated data. The results we report are encouraging in the light of a close analysis of TimeBank; at the same time they are indicative of the need for more infrastructure work, especially in the direction of creating a larger and more robust reference corpus.

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