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The time trap in the epistemology of the contemporary project

  • Barrera Puigdollers, Jose Manuel
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Oct 28, 2022
VLC arquitectura. Research Journal
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Time interests architecture and art as a form of construction of reality, as it refers to what can be thought more than to the thing itself. This new context brought architects closer to other disciplines in order to be familiar with their foundations: the uncertain classical concept of truth, the rise of the culture of difference and the revision of the concept of time. One consequence of this was the redefinition of individuation through otherness; since my constitution is through my other self, before myself, to which the outside gives rise to the exterior. Since then, architecture will participate as an artificial culture, using design strategies that integrate techniques or systems such as pseudo-prosthetics where artifact, accident, invention and individuation collide. During the course of events the critics detect an anomaly; the transition from individuation to individualism and the priority on desires with an object or drive over needs, altering the structure of satisfaction (needs, demand, desire). In what follows, we will try to identify in contemporary project epistemology the process that leads to this anomaly; through sketches, outlines or configuration maps, in relation to time. It will also be confirmed if such an investment constitutes the time trap.

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