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Threshold Reaction Rates Inside and on the Surface of Thick W-Na Target Irradiated with 0.8 GeV Protons

  • Titarenko, Yury E.
  • Shvedov, Oleg V.
  • Batyaev, Vyacheslav F.
  • Karpikhin, Evgeny I.
  • Zhivun, Valery M.
  • Koldobsky, Aleksander B.
  • Mulambetov, Ruslan D.
  • Fischenko, Dmitry V.
  • Kvasova, Svetlana V.
  • Voloschenko, Andrey M.
  • Mashnik, Stepan G.
  • Prael, Richard E.
  • Yasuda, Hideshi
Publication Date
Aug 21, 2000
Submission Date
Aug 21, 2000
arXiv ID: nucl-ex/0008014
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The preliminary results are presented of the experimental determination of threshold reaction rates in experimental samples made of Al, Co, Bi, In, Au, to name but a few, placed both inside and on the surface of extended thick W-Na target irradiated with 0.8 GeV protons. The target consists of 26 alternating discs each 150 mm in diameter: 6 tungsten discs are 20 mm thick, 7 tungsten discs are 40 mm thick, and 13 sodium discs are 40 mm thick. The relative position of discs is matched with the aim of flattening the neutron field along the target surface. The comparison is made of the measured rates with results of their simulation using the LAHET and KASKAD-S codes, and the ENDF/B6, MENDL2, MENDL2P, SADKO-2, and ABBN-93 databases. The results are of interest both in terms of integral data collection and to test the up-to-the-date predictive power of the codes applied in designing of hybrid Accelerator Driven System (ADS) systems that use tungsten targets cooled with sodium.

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