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Three essays on using Nudges in business firms

  • Plonquet, Matthieu
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Dec 17, 2019
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In this work, we use the Nudge approach to solve behavioral problems that business firms may have to face. In the first chapter, we start by exposing some issues that the classical economic approach struggles with, before presenting the Nudge approach and why we believe it is relevant to the problems that businesses still face today. In the second chapter, we change the formulations of the invitations to participate to web surveys, using Nudge principles, in order to improve participation rate. Most Nudges increase the proportion of individuals giving their e-mail address, but only those that acknowledge the respondent's effort increase participation rate. In the third chapter, we use the Nudge approach's teachings to improve the measurement of job satisfaction. We measure the satisfaction of interns every month during their internships with a very short survey, and compare it to a lengthy survey administered at the end of the internship. We find that satisfaction during the first month of the internship is highly correlated with final satisfaction, which makes it possible to detect potential problems very early. In the final chapter, we use Nudges to improve productivity by making a simple task more playful, a process called “gamification”. Nudges generate the same increase in productivity as the monetary incentives, without the added cost of the latter. Moreover, unless monetary incentives are implemented at the same time, Nudges increase intrinsic motivation. We conclude our work with practical advice for decision-makers who want to try Nudging.

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