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Those Who Are Not Motivated by Money : A Quantitative Study About What Motivates Volunteer Work in Second Hand Stores

  • Josefsson, Rebecka
  • Nilsson, Isak
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Jan 01, 2018
DiVA - Academic Archive On-line
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Motivating people for volunteer work is a growing challenge for many nonprofit organizations. In order to be able to retain volunteers in an organization in the longer term, it is fundamental to understand what motivates them. In this quantitative study, the purpose was to investigate what motivates individuals to work as volunteers in a second-hand business. A strategic selection resulted in seven stores in which 181 questionnaires were collected, a response rate of 91 percent. The results showed, among other things, that volunteers were motivated by both altruistic and selfish reasons. The positive social aspects of volunteering were frequently mentioned as the main motivation. Furthermore, there were several connections between feeling respected as a volunteer and feeling proud of being part of the organization. These both served as motivating reasons. One of the conclusions was that volunteering contributes to improved social conditions and a sense of meaningfulness for the volunteers themselves.  

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