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The "Supremes" decide on assisted suicide: What should a doctor do?

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Aug 15, 1997
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Trace Archive RFC v.2.4 7/22/2008 Preface This is a revised version of the original Trace Archive RFC. The purpose of this document is to specify a means of exchange of traces and their ancillary data. In the four years that have elapsed since the Trace Archive was originally developed, the scope and uses of the data have evolved. Revisions have been made this document will clarify, and in some instances change, the contents that are to be submitted in specific fields. To accommodate new data sources, additional fields need to be added and specified. In addition, required data for specific trace types will be clarified. This proposal covers: • Goals • Ancillary Information • Submission Information The biggest changes involve: The addition of new fields to accommodate environmental sample data • These additional fields allow the storage of experimental data related to the field. This is especially important as these sets of data do not fit into our normal taxonomic classification of traces. Modification of the description of the STRATEGY and TRACE_TYPE_CODE fields • Currently, STRATEGY and TRACE_TYPE_CODE fields are largely redundant. The proposal involves changing the description of the STRATEGY field to reflect the experimental strategy (rather than the sequencing strategy) used to produce a trace. This should not only better reflect the data, but also make retrieval of large sets of data easier. Changing the SUBSPECIES_ID field to STRAIN field • Most of the data in SUBSPECIES_ID field was actually related to STRAIN or cultivar information, so it makes some degree of sense to change the name of this field. Subspecies information can be related in the SPECIES_CODE field. Addition of new requirements • Currently, it is quite difficult to use certain data sets because there is not enough ancillary data associated with the trace. Initially, the trace archive had few restrictions because not every field is applicable to every TRACE_TYPE_CODE and STRATEGY combination. There is no change to the

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