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The inhibitory effect of hormones associated with stress on Na appetite of sheep

  • R. S. Weisinger
  • J. R. Blair-West
  • P. Burns
  • D. A. Denton
  • M. J. McKinley
  • B. Purcell
  • W. Vale
  • J. Rivier
  • K. Sunagawa
The National Academy of Sciences
Publication Date
Feb 25, 2000
  • Biology


Stress is a large stimulus of Na appetite in rabbits, rats, and mice. This study investigated the influence of some peptides implicated in stress, i.e., adrenocorticotropin (ACTH), corticotropin-releasing factor (CRF), and the recently discovered member of the CRF family, urocortin, on the ingestive behavior of sheep. Intracerebroventricular infusion of these peptides over 4 days decreased the need-free Na intake of Na-repleted sheep. Intracerebroventricular infusion of urocortin, however, did not alter Na intake of Na-depleted sheep. Systemic infusion of ACTH increased, whereas systemic infusion of either urocortin or CRF decreased, Na intake of Na-repleted sheep. The increase in Na intake caused by the peripheral infusion of ACTH was blocked by concurrent i.v. infusion of urocortin, substantiating the inhibitory role of this peptide on Na appetite. Central administration of all peptides and i.v. administration of urocortin or urocortin and ACTH combined decreased food intake. Water intake was not directly influenced by the peptides. Rather, decreased water intake, when observed, was secondary to decreased food intake, as determined by pair-feeding experiments. Whereas systemic infusion of ACTH mimics the increase in Na intake observed in several different stressful situations, CRF and urocortin actually inhibit Na intake, indicating a direct central action overriding any effect of these peptides on ACTH release. Indeed, the inhibition of Na intake by urocortin occurred despite its stimulation of ACTH release and the subsequent increase in peripheral level of cortisol. Thus it would appear that hormones associated with stress have both excitatory and inhibitory influences on Na intake. Presumably, other physiological processes entrained by stress also will be important in determining the quantitative outcome on Na appetite.

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