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The complete DNA sequence of minute virus of mice, an autonomous parvovirus.

  • C R Astell
  • M Thomson
  • M Merchlinsky
  • D C Ward
Publication Date
Feb 25, 1983


We have determined the complete nucleotide sequence of the genome of Minute Virus of Mice, an autonomous parvovirus. This single-stranded DNA is 5081 nucleotides long. The 3'-and 5'-ends of the viral strand contain imperfect palindromic sequences which consist, respectively, of 115 and 206 nucleotides. The 3'-terminal palindrome is composed of a unique sequence, whereas the 5'-terminal palindrome contains two sequences in equimolar amounts; these are related in that one is the inverted complement of the other. The DNA strand complementary to that which is encapsidated into virions contains two large open reading frames which together span almost the entire genome. Transcriptional and translational signals within the sequence have been identified and related to the known map coordinates of the viral transcripts. In this report we summarize some of the salient structural and organizational features of the MVM genome.

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