The bladder in multiple sclerosis.

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The bladder in multiple sclerosis.

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Feb 01, 1982
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Gait or Walking Problems | 1 Gait or Walking Problems the ba sic fac t s multiPle sclerosis many people with ms will experience difficulty with walking, which is also called ambulation. The term “gait” refers more specifically to the manner or pattern of walking (for example “unsteady gait”). studies suggest that half the people with relapsing-remitting ms will need some assistance with walking within 15 years of their diagnosis. Gait problems in ms are caused by a variety of factors. ms frequently causes fatigue, which can limit walking endurance. ms damage to nerve pathways may hamper coordination and/or cause weakness, poor balance, numbness, or spasticity (abnormal increase in muscle tone). Visual or cognitive problems can also interfere with walking. concerns about falling and appearing impaired in public cause problems too, sometimes leading to social isolation. “Gait problems in ms are all over the map,” observes sue Kushner, a physical therapist at slippery rock university in Pennsylvania, with long experience in multiple sclerosis. “This makes walking problems difficult to address.” Difficult, but not impossible. Gait or Walking Problems | 2 speak up if you are having difficulty walking or keeping your balance, if fatigue turns your legs to jelly, don’t despair — speak up. many walking problems can be significantly improved with physical therapy, exercise, the right assistive device, or medication, including the newly- approved Ampyratm [dalfampridine, see below]. You are not “giving in” when you seek treatment. untreated walking problems can lead to emotional distress, injuries, added fatigue, and suspicion by other people that your abnormal gait stems from alcohol or drugs. talking with your primary healthcare provider about getting an accurate assessment of your gait pattern is an important step toward maintaining and enhancing your mobility. Diagnosis Your healthcare provider will probably refer you to a p

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