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The acidic transcriptional activator GAL-VP16 acts on preformed template-committed complexes.

  • J White
  • C Brou
  • J Wu
  • Y Lutz
  • V Moncollin
  • P Chambon
Publication Date
Jun 01, 1992


The action of the chimeric acidic transcriptional activator GAL-VP16 has been investigated by performing a series of kinetic experiments using the detergent Sarkosyl as well as monoclonal antibodies which specifically inhibit GAL-VP16 DNA binding and transcriptional activation. GAL-VP16 binds to recognition site rapidly, remains bound after transcriptional initiation and is required to maintain stimulated levels of reinitiation. GAL-VP16 action, which appears to result in an increase in the number of preinitiation complexes formed, occurs after the formation of template-committed complexes composed of promoter-bound TFIIA (STF) and a partially purified TFIID fraction conferring GAL-VP16 responsiveness on a reconstituted basal transcription system. This TFIID fraction cannot be replaced by TFIIB or cloned TFIID. Our results suggest that GAL-VP16 activates step(s) in preinitiation complex assembly occurring after TFIID has bound.

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