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Testing, comparison, advancement and evaluation of genotoxicity tests for surface water. Subproject 11: umu genotoxicity test Final report / Erprobung, Vergleich, Weiterentwicklung und Beruteilung von Gentoxizitaetstests fuer Oberflaechenwasser. Teilprojekt 11: umu-Gentoxizitaetstest Schlussbericht

  • Breitenstein, A.
  • Zipperle, J.
  • Eckert, S.
  • Landesanstalt fuer Umweltschutz Baden-Wu...
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Jan 01, 1999
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The umu test indicates genotoxine caused damages in the molecular structure of the deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) of Salmonella typhimurium TA1535/pSK1002 by detection of the induction of DNA repair mechanisms. For the detection of genotoxins in native surface water the sensitivity of the umu test DIN 38415-3 was increased. With the umu test DIN 38415-3 and the more sensitive versions the genotoxic effect of mono substances, spiked surface water samples and native surface water samples from the river Rhine, the Wahnbach dam, the river Elbe, the river Mulde, the river Wupper as well as a water sample from a gas works area was tested. XAD extracts of the native water samples were examined with the umu test DIN 38415-3. The test results were verified with statistical methods. The sensitivity thresholds for 4-nitroquinoin-N-oxide (NQO), nitrofurantoin (NF), 2-aminoanthracene (2AA) and benzo(a)pyrene (B(a)P) were in the one-digit (NQO, NF) or to two-digit (2AA, B(a)P) #mu#g/l range. With the more sensitive versions the sensitivity threshold for NQO was usually under 1 #mu#g/l. The genotoxine spiked surface water samples of the river Weisse Elster were unique differentiated from a not spiked sample with the umu test. In the native samples of surface water from Rhine and Wahnbach dam as well as from Elbe and Mulde genotoxicity was sporadically detected predominantly with the more sensitive versions. All positive results were in the range of the proof threshold. In the native samples from the Wupper clear genotoxic potentials were determined, which were caused by fluoroquinolonic acid. In the concentrates of the samples from the Rhine, Wahnbach dam, Elbe, Mulde and the gas work genotoxicity was found with the umu test DIN 38415-3. With the umu test genotoxic hazards can be detected simply, fast, reproducibly and economically in native samples as well as in extracted samples. The test is particularly in the fluorometric version sufficient sensitive for the detection of genotoxic effects. The umu test is suitable as prokaryotic base test in a test battery with pro- and eukaryotic test organisms for the detection of genotoxicity in surface water. (orig.) / SIGLE / Available from TIB Hannover: F00B318+a / FIZ - Fachinformationszzentrum Karlsruhe / TIB - Technische Informationsbibliothek / Bundesministerium fuer Bildung und Forschung (BMBF), Bonn (Germany) / DE / Germany

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