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Territórios do desejo: performance, territorialidade e cinema no Festival Mix Brasil da Diversidade Sexual

  • Silva, Marcos Aurélio da
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Oct 26, 2012
Repositório Institucional da UFSC
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The thesis presents an ethnography of the processes of organization of the Mix Brasil Sexual Diversity Film Festival, held annually in São Paulo since 1993, and undertakes an anthropo-logical analysis of their territorialization processes in relation to audiovisual culture and con-temporary urban life. From the anthropological fields of Gender, Performance and Territoriali-ty, and equipped with Communication and Film theories, I elaborate an ethnography of this festival, in two editions of Mix Brasil, 2009 e 2010, exploring territories of both festival and city, and carry out a descriptive and historical survey of its structure (programming, films, special events, audience, exhibition halls, catalogues and advertising campaigns). Special attention is given to the way film festivals and cinema itself can be read as transnational activities and terri-tories, in which individuals weave relations on the basis of modernization processes, prominent in the metropolis. This study also emphasizes the relations that can be woven between territorialization processes of urban #gay culture# and the ways of apprehension, reception and use of images, pointing out to similar territorial productions which allow for the elaboration of the concept of image-territory. This concept is helpful in order to approach the ways each image, frame and sequence indicate and connect different territories and keep their specific meanings, in a constant symbolic production for festival audiences and of programmers.

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