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Tenth-order lepton g-2: Contribution from diagrams containing a sixth-order light-by-light-scattering subdiagram internally

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DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevD.81.053009
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This paper reports the result of our evaluation of the tenth-order QED correction to the lepton g-2 from Feynman diagrams which have sixth-order light-by-light-scattering subdiagrams, none of whose vertices couple to the external magnetic field. The gauge-invariant set of these diagrams, called Set II(e), consists of 180 vertex diagrams. In the case of the electron g-2 (a_e), where the light-by-light subdiagram consists of the electron loop, the contribution to a_e is found to be - 1.344 9 (10) (\alpha /\pi)^5. The contribution of the muon loop to a_e is - 0.000 465 (4) (\alpha /\pi)^5. The contribution of the tau-lepton loop is about two orders of magnitudes smaller than that of the muon loop and hence negligible. The sum of all of these contributions to a_e is - 1.345 (1) (\alpha /\pi)^5. We have also evaluated the contribution of Set II(e) to the muon g-2 (a_\mu). The contribution to a_\mu from the electron loop is 3.265 (12) (\alpha /\pi)^5, while the contribution of the tau-lepton loop is -0.038 06 (13) (\alpha /\pi)^5. The total contribution to a_\mu, which is the sum of these two contributions and the mass-independent part of a_e, is 1.882 (13) (\alpha /\pi)^5.

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